Things sure have changed since the Hartle era at la-di-da 7x7 Magazine came to an end. For example, it's now less la-di-da. And we like that. Another example? This month the local mag boasts Vernon Davis, a brawny, black footballer player, sans shirt on its cover. We like that, too. ("During his sophomore year at the University of Maryland, he changed majors from criminal justice to studio arts, his passion," they point out. "'Once I got into college, I felt free...It didn’t matter what anyone had to say about me.'" We hear you, Vernoin. We hear you loud and clear.)

Anyway, it's all part of their annual "Hot 20 Under 40," the annual issue where the editorial staff plucks young-ish SF ilk deemed worthy of glossy print. Admittedly -- save for Davis, D6 Supervisor candidate Jane Kim, and Bar Tartine's Chris Kronner -- we don't recognize most of the names on the list. ( founder Aaron Patzer, we would be remiss not to point out, looks like a searingly hot piece of tail in his photo. So, you know, kudos to him on being hot and boo to us for not knowing who he was beforehand.)

Check out who made the cut here.

Anyone under the obviously creepy and unforgivable age of 40 you think should have been included? Let us know in the comments.