Glorious news, Mission Bay, South Beach, SoMa, and Rincon Hill residents. More details have emerged in what might happen to the closing Borders Books at Third and King. As previously reported, talk of a bowling alley crackled in August. But now, according to LiveSOMA, it could be, possibly be, may be a done deal.

Apparently, the large retail space is being leased to Lucky Strike Lanes, an ‘upscale’ bowling alley (and lounge) chain that has locations in 12 states, Washington D.C. and Canada. After looking around their website, they only have California locations in the Los Angeles Area, until this one opens. The buzz coming out of the Beacon is that the new proposed Bowling Alley hopes to remain open until 2 a.m. and acquire a full liquor license.

Word on the street is that the project is going through the Redevelopment Agency as opposed to the Planning Commission, which means that there are probably not as many hurdles to jump through. (Although I would imagine it might be difficult to open a new lounge that sells alcohol until 2 am below a building full of residencies as pointed out in the comments below).

Although concerns about noise and "security risks" persist -- which is insipid because it's adjacent from a BASEBALL STADIUM, so tread lightly with this one, NIMBY neighbors -- we look forward to some sort of establishment that, you know, will be of actual interest to residents, something that will re-ignite nightlife in the area.

In related SoMa news, did anyone else receive countless Jane Kim fliers over the weekend? Because SFIst home/headquarters, located in SoMa, now has enough of them to start a large inferno.