Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy this week suspected, along with others, of beating Zachary Davenport, a gay man, on Muni on August 14.

Davenport, according to reports, "was getting off the J-Church line at Church and Market streets at about 12:40 a.m. as a group of youths were getting on the train." As the man tried to move pass the pile of teens, one member of the group said, "What? What faggot? What? Move, faggot." The attack began after Davenport dared to ask, "Excuse me?"

Fortunately, Muni cameras caught the hate crime, and Davenport was able to identify his attacker. "Officers at the Juvenile Justice Center who were shown still shots of the video recognized the youth from 'prior contacts.'"

The teen was "booked on suspicion of battery and possession of stolen property as well as a hate crimes enhancement. " The other youths who cheered on the suspect during the attack will not be prosecuted.

Hat tip: SF Examiner