The Border's Books at 200 King Street in South Beach, sadly, will close its doors for good in October. (On a personal note, we will miss the staff, the stuffed cream cheese pretzels, and regularly thumbing through European fashion rags at the retail chain.) Last night, we noticed “Store Closing” signs posted throughout the place, so you might want to head over for good deals while they last.

Anyway. According to LiveSoma, a bowling alley could be a candidate for replacement.

A few weeks ago, when I first heard the rumor that Borders was closing, the woman I was talking to also mentioned a bowling alley as the expected replacement for the struggling book chain. Granted the location seems large (and long) enough to accommodate a bowling alley; but what sort of news (other than a lot of main stream media) is based solely on rumors?

This, of course, would be a grand idea, one that would "further solidify this part of the neighborhood as an entertainment destination." (Yerba Buena, we should point out, already has a rather joyless and small bowling alley.) But what say you? Any other ideas as to what, if anything, should go in its place? (Obviously, a seedy, unpretentious bar with cheap drinks is out of the question. This is, after all, San Francisco 2010.)