Gordon Ramsay -- a celebrity chef who, unlike other famous gastronomes, gained notoriety for his trademark abusive behavior, not his food -- is looking for a few bad restaurants. According to Justine Quart at SF Appeal, Ramsay's restaurant makeover show, Kitchen Nightmares, wants to another batch of food joints to berate and horrify in front of a TV audience.

The casting call says:

Has your favorite restaurant gone bad? Have you tried a new eatery only to discover it doesn't cut the mustard? If so, we need your nomination! FOX's hit show, Kitchen Nightmares is currently searching for new restaurants to be featured in the upcoming season. If you know of a restaurant that desperately needs expert guidance, we want to know about it! Send us the restaurant's name, location and a brief description why you think Gordon Ramsay should take over.

The FOX reality show's premise, for those of you not in the know, is this: Ramsay visits a floundering restaurant and, within a few magical weeks, changes the life of the failing establishment and the lives of its owners and employees. See, Kitchen Nightmares is part makeover show and part Dr. Philian pop psychology schlock. (Because, really, whose life couldn't be changed for the better by a violent, allegedly philandering British chef who hurls four-letter words at colleagues and perfect strangers?)

But. If we had to pick a place we'd like to see made over in an aggressive fashion, it would have to be... Tu Lan. We love their Spring Imperial Rolls, but hate the insects that fall on our head at the Sixth and Market hole in the wall. You?

Oh, and if you'd like to suggest a restaurant to FOX, e-mail [email protected]