Today, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency rolled out new parking meters, high-tech ones that will replace old meters with new "coin and card" ones in Hayes Valley.

Part of a pilot program called SFPark, the new meters do more than just look fancy and illuminate. The goal of the $24.75 million project, according to The Chronicle, "is to prevent cars from circling the block looking for parking and to reduce congestion and air pollution." SFPark will also eventually adjust the amount one pays for parking with 8,000 wireless sensors "embedded in the asphalt to monitor empty spaces and the amount of time each vehicle stays parked in one spot."

Over the next few months, expect around 5,100 new meters to replace old meters in SFpark pilot areas like the Financial District, the Marina, the Fillmore, SOMA, the Mission, Civic Center, and Fisherman’s Wharf. And, since not everyone in San Francisco is young or able-bodied enough to ride a bike, this sounds like a plan that could do a lot of good.

Check out the new meters.