Matier et Ross report that the city's planning director, John Rahaim, was fined $1,000 for "not reporting the free use of a condo after a lover's quarrel left him burned out of the historic fire chief's house back a couple of years back." That is to say, due to a series of unfortunate situations, Rahaim was hit with an ethics fine for living free inside an employee's apartment.

It all started when Rahaim's reportedly drug-addled (and now deceased) ex-boyfriend hurled a can of tomatoes. M&R break it down, gloriously:

It all stems from an incident in February 2008, right after Rahaim arrived here from Seattle and took over as planning boss. Rahaim's partner hurled an open can of tomato sauce and lit a mattress ablaze, starting a fire that damaged the historic chief's house on Bush Street downtown. The two were staying in the house rent-free while looking for a place of their own.

Were they San Marzanos? They had better not have been San Marzanos. Anyway, Rahaim's former partner had to pay for damages before heading to rehab. After the chief's house was all but destroyed, Rahaim "took up temporary residence in an unoccupied San Francisco condo owned by the father of one of his employees." Said employee was then promoted to director of neighborhood planning, prompting all sorts of eyebrow raising.

In the end, though, Rahaim was busted for accepting a gift (i.e., rent) valued at greater than $390, the limit for city employees.