Looking for something to do this summer? Can't make up your mind between a vacation focused on partying, food, or relaxation? Well you won't need to settle when you visit Reno and Lake Tahoe. It offers non-stop nightlife, world-class restaurants, all sorts of relaxation options and many, many other ways to escape.

You can start your day off with breakfast in bed and whenever you're ready to go, the Reno Tahoe region has loads to offer. Head over to a river for some kayaking or hit the links on one of over 50 golf courses. When you're done, pamper yourself at one of the area's tranquil and healing spa environments. There's no rush to get back out there, as Reno boasts a 24-hour nightlife.

What's on the schedule for the next day? Rinse and repeat! Or just check out all the events Reno Tahoe has to offer this summer.

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