This stunning creature at right is Shemeeka Davis, 39, of Antioch, and she's currently about to stand trial in the murder of her biological niece and foster daughter Jazzmin Davis, who died in 2008 at the age of 15 after years of brutal physical abuse that included being kept naked in a closet for days alongside her twin brother.

They were each taken out of school in the eighth and ninth grade by their aunt, who first took them in three months after they were born in San Francisco to a drug-addicted mother. Per the Contra Costa Times:

"The twins were 14 when Davis began locking them in a small, dark closet where she had removed the carpeting and light bulb. At first, they would be in the closet for a stretch of hours. Eventually it was day and night. The twins would urinate and defecate on themselves when their knocks to be let out went unanswered... Jazzmin was delusional and hallucinating about food before her death [of malnutrition, and crying] 'What did I do?,' ... after Davis whipped her nearly a dozen times with an electrical cord, dressed her in a plastic garbage bag and was preparing to pour hot water on her."

Sweet, right? Almost makes Precious sound like a comedy.