Despite the fact that to any rational human being the situation looks totally untenable, the property owners at 320 and 330 Esplanade Ave. in Pacifica have not yet completely given up on saving their buildings from falling into the ocean. They are "actively trying to finance repairs" and seem to be in denial about the fact that Mother Nature will, probably soon, render all their efforts meaningless.

All residents of both buildings were forced to evacuate in April and December, respectively, and the owner of 330 Esplanade Ave. went on to try to reinforce the cliff, as seen on TV, by having a bunch of concrete injected into it. Meanwhile, the owner of neighboring 320 Esplanade Avenue, which isn't sitting at quite as precarious an angle just yet, was given a deadline of yesterday to either submit a repair plan to the city or decide to demolish the property. That deadline just got extended 30 days.

We suppose if we owned property we might also be in denial about it potentially ceasing to exist, but at some point these guys have got to just suck it up and give it back to the sea.