The effort to get a Proposition 8 repeal measure on the 2010 ballot fell short today, which would have given California voters the chance to decide on removing the ban on same-sex marriage. The Associated Pres (via CBS 5) reports: "Restore Equality 2010 chairman Sean Bohac said Monday that the volunteer-run group fell short of gathering the nearly 695,000 signatures needed to put the initiative before voters. Monday was the deadline for submitting the signatures to the Secretary of State's Office."

Although some argue that energy for repeal efforts have waned since its passage -- "It seems to me that whatever momentum came over the anger after the passage of Prop. 8 is gone," said Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, a senior scholar at the University of Southern California School of Policy, Planning and Development -- many civil rights supporters have notably turned their attention to the 2012 election, which could prove a more fruitful election year to eradicate the ban.

Also, a lawsuit to overturn Prop. 8 is currently "pending before a federal trial judge."