Ever since 26-year-old Blair Henderson was shot and killed near the intersection of Second and Minna Streets on Sunday, the media's assault on nightlife spiked to hysterical proportions. Again.

Most outlets (including SFist) mention a perilous nightclub setting. KCBS' article, while not specifying any club or where Henderson spent his last hours, more or less blames the nightlife arena ("SF Shooting Renews Focus on Nightclub Regulations") To wit: "Investigators are trying to determine what sparked the shooting...The shooting is bringing a renewed focus to how the city regulates its night spots."

Although Sunday's fatality has been (unfairly?) linked to the Suede shooting near Fisherman's Wharf on February 7, which resulted in the death of Lawon Hall and a brouhaha over the city's Entertainment Commission, we should point out that Henderson was "on parole in connection with a 2002 incident in which he and another man were convicted of assaulting a postal carrier and stealing his truck." While he didn't deserve to die, his hands were not the cleanest. And, as SF Weekly reports, Sunday's shooting was more than just an itchy, drunken, Red Bull-infused trigger finger: