by Amy Crocker

How to: Heat your favorite burger patty. If you choose a veggie burger, be careful the ingredients do not include bread crumbs. Rice is ok according to Sephardic rabbis, though not for Ashkenazi Jews. An explanation can be found here.

Place the burger onto the matzo and add condiments as desired. Use ketchup sparingly as there is no bun to absorb it. If you put too much on, most of the ketchup will fall out the sides. It is usually easier to dip the burger, bite by bite, into the ketchup. Also, the same Sephardic/Ashkenazi debate applies to the corn syrup found in some ketchup.

In related news, Carly Fiorina made an unfortunate bread-related metaphor in a letter sent to her supporters honoring the first night of Passover. Oops.