Willow & Anya
2 month old pit bull gals

All puppies are adorable, don't you think? And we sure are stellar examples of cuteness! We'll entertain you with our puppy antics and enthusiasm. An ideal home would be with someone who not only appreciates our charms, but also understands that puppies are just infants and we need a lot of education and time. We’re looking forward to growing up to be the best dogs ever… so we're looking for a family who wants to take us to puppy-socials, training classes, and spend the next few months focused on introducing us to the world.

In fact, our friends here at the SFSPCA have asked that we remind you that they host a plethora of training and doggie social classes - check em out at sfspca.org.

And don’t worry - we’re not asking to go home together - in fact, we’ll do our best if we’re able to grow up and become our own independent women.

Adoption Info: