On Valentine's night, an eviction party took place at 18th and Capp in the Mission district. And as luck would have it, photographer and friend of SFist Joe Payne was there to capture the graffiti-laced mayhem. Payne told us that after the party, "the house was destroyed."

What is an eviction party, you ask? Well, it's when well-to-do (and typically young) renters who, after being evicted from their apartment or house, destroy the place; a fuck-you to the landlord with, at least in this case, spray paint, Tecate and hoodies.

Is it illegal? Well, they'll definitely lose their deposit. And People's Court Judge Marilyn Milian does recommend leaving a rental the way you found it. (Legal types are welcome to chime in with expertise.) Is it wrong? Yes, it's a pretty much a frat party, minus bulky boys. Is it fun? Looks downright mean to us. But take a look at these photos and judge for yourself.

Warning: one image deemed NSFW.