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Hey, did you watch the Grammys? Neither did we. Tough Love, Celebrity Rehab, and a most excellent Brothers & Sisters (where Kitty Walker threatens to have someone killed for calling her brother a "fag") was on opposite. Though, after being pressed by numerous readers and colleagues, we did manage to catch Pink's dizzily damp performance in the air. (Catch it before it's pulled down.)

But! San Francisco did manage to score a few Grammys of its own last night. The San Francisco Symphony’s live recording of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 8 and the Adagio from Symphony No. 10 received three awards last night. It won ;Best Classical Album; 'Best Choral Performance,' which went to Michael Tilson Thomas, Ragnar Bohlin, Kevin Fox and Susan McMane; and Best Engineered Classical Album for Engineer Peter Laenger.

A short video featuring behind-the-scenes footage and more from the acclaimed recording can be viewed here: "A Universe of Sound: Recording Mahler’s Symphony No. 8."