Those of you who have become loyal followers of Zennie Abraham's City Brights blog at SF Gate might have noticed that he called us out over the weekend. Zennie is upset about a perceived slight in re: his seeking press credentials for the Oscars. We corrected our previous post so as not to appear that we were misrepresenting the facts, but Zennie still sent us a number of emails, and continues to take issue with us calling him our "old pal."

To set the record straight, we want to be abundantly clear that our affection for Zennie's blog is not meant in a mocking tone -- we admire all those in the blog/vlog firmament who regularly put themselves out there for the world to listen to, read, and react to, be it good, bad and otherwise. And since Zennie feels discriminated against in this instance by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, it is wrong of us to make light of his complaints against them, especially if his claims regarding how much traffic he generates for SF Gate turn out to be true (a million hits a month? You go, Zennie).