Nathan Gunn is hot. So sexy he has to take off his shirt regularly on the opera stage, to the delight of his audience. It got to the point that when he went on Stephen Colbert, the host asked him: "Do you perform with clothes on?" The excellent TSR even has a "Wall o'Nathan" for us to ogle at. He is, according to the LA Times, king of the barihunk hill, and even gives interviews on his work-out regimen.

He'll be singing a recital with SF Performances tomorrow night at Herbst, and we're twice disappointed: the chance that he'll rip off his tux to reveal his perfect pecs are nil, and his piano accompanist happens to be his wife. Still, he is not just a pretty body, but an elegant, lyrical voice and an agile, intelligent singer as we witnessed in his last Figaro appearance on the SF Opera stage. He'll sing an all Schubert recital, and we emailed him some questions (all our questions about nudity got filtered out by his PR reps [?!], so the interview below is totally safe for work). He'll soon be back with SF Opera as Papageno, so check him out in the Met's production of the Magic Flute in the clip below.