The Eagle, a historic and much-admired SOMA venue, is up for sale. SFist called the famous leather/bear/indie-rock/gay/straight-ish/everything-that-is-superb-about-SOMA spot for confirmation.

"Yep, the place is for sale," the bartender told us.

Located at 398 12th Street, just at the corner Harrison, the Eagle's most popular weeklies include Thursday Night Live (where local talent like Pansy Division, the Cock-T's, and Death Sentence: Panda have stomped the floorboards) and Sunday's Beer Bust, which developed a cult-like following of the last decade.

In 2008, the bar made headlines when the bouncer of nearby Holy Cow was shot and killed outside the bar.

We can only hope the new owners keep the Eagle's slightly dingy, albeit comfortable and friendly, aesthetic in tact. We ask all SOMA denizens to check out the place before the new owners, whomever they may end up being, take over the leather reigns of this cherished institution.

(Photo by David S. Meyer)