Note: we posted an old SFist Tonight today, 1/4. Here is the correct version. Please excuse the confusion on our end. Thanks.

by Amy Crocker

SPORT: The sixties dance craze reigns supreme at "Monday Night Hoop Jam," with Cherry Hoops. Haven't hula hooped since your cousin's Bat Mitzvah? No problem, all levels of experience are encouraged to shake it. Bring your favorite hoop or use one provided.

8 p.m. // Studio 12 (2525 8th Street, Berkeley) // $5-$10 donation

THEATER: Nothing beats a case of Mondays, let alone the first Monday of another whole year of Mondays, than silly clowns. In collaboration with the Clown Conservatory and Pi, the physical comedy troupe, Climate Theater presents Clown Cabaret. Tonight's clowns include Joan Mankin and Sara Moore, John Gilkey and We are Nudes, and Slater Penny & Jaron Hollander (formerly of Cirque du Soleil). For tickets:

7 p.m. and 9 p.m. // Climate Theater (285 9th Street) // $10

MUSIC: Head to the Elbo Room for $2 Drink specials and "Dressed in Black." The night features DJ Deathboy and DJ Fact.50 spinning 60 years of "music from the shadows."

9 p.m. // Elbo Room (647 Valencia) // $3