This right here is a task comparable only to hauling a powerful ring to the fires of Mordor. What are we talking about? A new site called Every Bar In San Francisco, which plans on visiting every bar in San Francisco for at least one drink. Check it:

After years of hearing that San Francisco allegedly has more bars per capita than any other U.S. city, I have decided to see if one person can actually drink at every bar in the City. I’m going neighborhood by neighborhood, skipping only wine bars and restaurants, and hopefully having some amazing booze fueled adventures on the way.

This is the kind of new year's resolution we enjoy.

EBISF dives right in with the Tenderloin (arguably the best neighborhood in SF in which to imbibe, they define the hood as bordered by Geary on the North, Van Ness on the West, Market on the South, and Powell on the East.) They will, fortunately, skip bars that charges a cover, have a dance floor or a DJ lounge, and "doesn’t sell hard liquor, or expects one to order food."

As of January 3, they've had drinks from Ha-Ra, Nite Cap, Koko's pass through their liver. Be sure to check out this mammoth project. Godspeed, fellow drinker.

Shocking update: Peat Montesquieu and Glen Robespierre also planned on doing something similar with this site, but it slowed down in October.