Nobody we know really strives to be a wine snob, but a person can always come off sounding like one in mixed (read: non-Bay Area) company when it comes to choosing or discussing what to drink with dinner. At the risk of looking like a total douche, you can now whip out your iPhone to look up wines and vintages via several apps now on the market. Herewith, we give you a couple capsule reviews, should you be one of those people who likes to be knowledgeable about wine, or should you be one of those who just likes to dork out with every app you can get your hands on.

Wine Enthusiast Guide - $4.99
First we have Wine Enthusiast's entry to the iPhone fray, which is a handy guide for the serious wine drinker and connoisseur. It gives you access to over 74,000 wine reviews, about half of which are from the last five years/vintages. Given the wealth of magazine content in its database, the app provides vintage comparison charts as well as some handy reference bits, like a Wine 101 guide and buying guide for beginners. Also because of this wealth of content, it could seem daunting to many, and like too much app for the casual wine drinker who just wants to know if a bottle is good or not.