"Just another day on Muni... fuc**ng Muni," relents the cameraman shooting this video of a fight between two women on a Chinatown Muni bus. (The 30 line, if we have to guess.)

The women, who have an all-out brawl on the bus, should have been arrested. Or something. You don't do this on the bus. Or anywhere, for that matter. They're vile public transportation ilk.

But where was the driver in all this?

Update: SFist asked Muni spokesman Judson True for his take on the bus fisticuffs. Describing the video as "pretty rough," he tells us that during unusually festive moments like the one above, "Operators are to notify OCC of assaults; OCC then notifies the SFPD which would respond" to the scene." True goes on to tell us that they are "investigating this incident" and have "identified the vehicle and related details."

Oh, and according to Muni, the fight happened on the 20 Columbus.

Update II: The folks at Muni Diaries have a partial translation of what went down. One bystander in Cantonese can be heard screaming, “Hit her, hit her, hit her, hit her until she’s afraid.” Ugh. What a vile thought process some people have.