We're not sure how we feel about all the flack flying at Nancy Garrido, wife of schizophrenic kidnapper/rapist Philip Garrido. The woman married him while he was in prison for kidnapping and raping Katie Callaway Hall in 1976, and clearly anyone who marries a schizophrenic convicted rapist doesn't exactly have a wealth of self-esteem. Yes, Jaycee Lee's stepfather witnessed Nancy Garrido snatch Jaycee Lee into the car back in 1991, and while Garrido was serving five months for a parole violation a few years later, it was Nancy who kept Jaycee Lee imprisoned.

But in many ways, it would seem that Nancy was just as abused, brainwashed, and victimized as Jaycee Lee and her two children were, and her own brother-in-law has said she was "a robot" under Phil's influence. An acquaintance calls Nancy "the real monster" in this case, because she's a woman and therefore her acts were inexcusable. But we beg to differ. We're pretty sure she acted out of fear and weakness of mind, and she was just the puppet of a madman in most of this. But then again, so was Squeaky Fromme.

In related news, police have found no evidence linking Garrido to those murders of prostitutes in Pittsburg.