At the risk of sounding like Cathy at the height of her menstruation cycle, we just love us some raw cookie dough. Mmm. It even has its very own ice cream, which should attest to the pre-baked dessert's popularity. But, whenever we reached for the cookie dough bowl in our youth, our mother would gently remind us that raw cookie dough contains raw eggs. Raw eggs that would KILL US DEAD. So, when you eat the stuff, it's at your own risk.

Enter 18-year-old Jillian Collins from San Mateo. See, she is "among 65 people in 29 states who reported getting sick with E. coli after eating the raw dough made by Nestle USA Inc.," according to NBC Bay Area. And now, like any red-blooded American, she is suing Nestle for giving her a nightmarish case of the shits. And while people are freaking out at her for daring to sue the company while not claiming personal responsibilty, Nestle uses pasteurized eggs in their cocaine-habit-like-forming nuggets of dough. The stuff is made and marketed for eating as-is, not baking.

But what say you, righteous readers?

Oh, and here's a list of all recalled Nestle cookie products.

This just in! E.Coli, more or less, comes from fecal mater, not eggs (that's salmonella), so the plot thickens...