Yesterday morning, a new cable care for tourists was unleashed onto the streets of San Francisco. And yes, you will need sunglasses to enjoy these images of the shockingly colored car.

According to Whole Wheat Toast, who was live at the scene to capture some shots, "This cable car was built over a span of five years and relied on hundred-year old technology." Serving the Powell-Mason Line, the no. 15 car was built using original blueprints with help from the Woods Carpenter Shop, the Cable Machinery Support Shop, the Special Machine Shop and the Running Repair Shop. Whew. And it cost the city a whopping "$823,000 for materials and labor."

Newsom was there yesterday (surprise!) to cut the ribbon. Also, among the car's first passengers, we're told, were President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's children, Malia and Sasha.

For more scenes of yesterday's car release, check out Flickr phototog Jamison's choice set of images.