Current TV has asked us to plug an interview their doing with Newsom right this very second. For better or for worse, the chat will be about not trashing your coffee grounds (which we did this morning, then laughed) or tossing your SF Examiner in a garbage can on the sidewalk (which we might or might not do every afternoon after lunch). Green stuff, you know. They're going to ask Gav "some of the most popular questions asked by the Current Green community" -- e.g., "What's the thing you can really transform?," "What's your take on the proposal to close 220 state parks?," and "Which areas of California are most suitable for wind farms?" Watch it if you have a free minute or two. (But what SFist wants is a filmed Nathan Ballard interview. It's high time for Newsom's spokesperson to shine. Because he's funny and charming as all heck. Seriously, we're a breath away from getting all Gypsy-end-of-Act-I on him. He's got star quality, that one.)