SFist contributor Travis Jensen came across an exciting scene in the Mission district the other day. While "bullshitting about skateboarding, photography and other stuff," Jensen and his journo pals,
Isaac Mckay Randozzi and Dave Schubert, walked past the dollar store on the corner of Mission and 17th, when...

...all of a sudden we heard commotion coming from the doorway of the dollar store right behind us. We turned to see an undercover cop, Latino male, early 40s, attempting to detain another Latino male -- probably about the same age as the cop, just more weathered-looking -- for what we assumed was shoplifting.

The cop managed to get the man into a full-nelson hold, but somehow the individual was able to break free. A scuffle between the two then ensued, which ended up inside the store. With camera locked and loaded, Schubert immediately ran inside to document the situation. Positioning himself on his belly in the middle of the aisle, he started firing off shots one after the other. Surprisingly, the cop didn’t seem to mind.

With the help of another undercover that was already inside the store, the man was quickly handcuffed and detained face first on the ground.

One of the two cops then yelled, “Just spit it out, Asshole! Spit it out!”

Note: Oh, man. The fuzz on COPS get so very, very pissed off when the perps, or whatever, swallow their baggies of rock or tar. Seriously, do not do this if you get busted in a sting. It will not end well.

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Another scene from the crime after the jump.