Over the last two days, according to the Chronicle, an arson spree set several vehicles ablaze in the early morning hours. Three of the fiery attacks, it seems, "happened this morning, all of them in different neighborhoods." (!?) One torching occurred on the 700 block of Commercial Street in Chinatown ("damaged two trucks and a minivan about 4:40 a.m.), another happened car on the 100 block of Downey Street (around 4:20 a..m.), and the final one was on the 1900 block of Newcomb Avenue (at about 5:25 a.m.) The report goes on to say that "a motorcycle was set ablaze on the 500 block of Belvedere Street in Parnassus Heights" early Sunday morning. Creepy. No one was injured, no arrests have been made. In other news, whatever happened to the Toilet Torcher?