Sleep easy, defenders of free speech and a vengeful God. Pro-discrimination Miss California, the lying whore who famously told the audience at the Miss USA pageant that same-sex marriage was icky and wrong, will get to keep her crown. See, after Carrie Prejean became a spokeswoman for anti-gay bigotry, a spokeswoman who also failed to disclose that she had posed nude for cash when she was a teen, many thought the 21-year-old San Diego native should be dethroned. However, while the "USA pageant strongly criticized some of the actions of title-holder Carrie Prejean," pageant officials said it's "not their decision whether she should be stripped of her crown." Only Donald Trump, who owns the rights to the annual Boring Sluts of America competition -- remember, folks, this wasn't the Miss America pageant, which is typically thought of as a klassy glass of Chardonnay compared to the 3 a.m. bodyshot that is the Miss USA pageant -- can make that decision.