Some things never get easier. You've made it through three nights of hard musical choices thanks to the fine people at Noise Pop, and for what? More chances to do the same. What's at stake? Tonight headliners The Submarines, The Morning Benders, Ra Ra Riot, St. Vincent and all the others are making for tough decisions (where is the decider when we need him?!). We may have to decide based on some of the killer openers: Cryptacize and Telekinesis are great, and based on name alone Dame Satan may be worth checking out.

Saturday night: AC Newman (and Denton May!) is sold out, but tickets are still available for the legendary Bob Mould. While we're not familiar with Portugal the Man, one of the openers for that show, Love is Chemicals is one of our favorite local bands. Decisions, decisions! Sleep next week is our current mantra.

Any bands you wanna make a plug for? Hit us in the comments below.

Yesterday's contest to see the Morning Benders and The Submarines went to truth in advertising with ClaritaV's Haiku:
a college student
cannot pay for the beauty
of music today