While feather were ruffled at last year's Gap/Don Fisher/Presidio Museum/no bowling alley plan meeting thingy, this year things were a bit calmer. According to SFCItizen, the new plans for the Fisherization of the Presidio were released last night, and he scored an early look. Some highlights: The "white box" is no more, the Lodge (i.e., a “massive hotel”) is stuck in the middle of it all, the Walt Disney Family Museum (isn't "family" implied?) will boggle the mind, and more. The bowling alley, as most of you know by now, will be yet another memory of San Francisco past.

But what will the museum look like, you ask? Who knows. We know the locations, the height, the color of the roof (green, to match the green lawns around it) of the proposed CAMP buildings but we have no idea what it will look like. According to Fog City Journal, Don Fisher's Ground Floor Public Affairs consultant AlexTourk gave the secret plans for the CAMP museum proposal to SF Chronicle's John King. And only to King. Presumably, the architect scribe is sitting on them, waiting to pump his golden ejaculate over the museum plans for a glowing review, which should come out today or Sunday.

Other media folks are pissed about this situation. But we look forward to King's take on the new Presidio museum,. which we plan on visiting two times at the most.