A former grant writer with the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice was busted recently for violating civil-service laws -- an alleged conflict of interest that "could lead to fines and perjury charges against the ex-employee." According to the Examiner's Brent Begin, the unidentified one-time City Hall employee also consulted for Vanguard Public Foundation, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that helps fund other nonprofits focused on "social injustice." In the fiscal year 2008, the employee "was a paid consultant, Vanguard received $70,169 through an agreement with the Juvenile Probation Department." Begin goes on to report that "the year before, the nonprofit received $38,487 from The City, according to vendor payment summaries."


Mayoral spokesman Nathan Ballard went on to say, "OMG, no way! We had no idea! This is totally not tolerated and stuff!?" Or something like that.

Vanguard had no comment.

Shifting focus, this Examiner article brings up an interesting point. People bitched about the Ex as a decent local rag, but did the Chron get this story? Nope.

It just goes to show that the Chron isn't (and shouldn't) be your only source for good, well-rounded local news stories. As SFist commenter Robbie Peeler put it, "The Ex routinely beats the Chronny on local news." While a few out there think the Chron closing down is akin to the rapture, this just isn't the case.