Around 2 p.m. Friday on the 800 block of Southwood Drive in South San Francisco, an 18-year-old man was robbed of his PlayStation 3. (Mean!) According to KNTV, "he was sitting on a bench when a man approached him and demanded his backpack. The bag contained a PlayStation 3 system, three games and a controller." Initially the victim told his mugger to fuck off, more or less, but after one of the men pulled up his sweatshirt to reveal a black handgun tucked in his waistband, he relented. The suspect is described as "a white man around 20 years old, with short, dark hair and a medium build. Police reports estimate his height as between 5 foot 7 and 6 feet tall," who got into "a four door, silver vehicle parked on Haven Avenue." Alas, not all armed robberies have a happy ending.