Oscar coverage? Bored now. It seems like the only place on the cyberinformationnet we can escape from Zuhair Murad is Slashdot, god bless those nerds.

Today they're talking about that tricky animal, the farewell email. They revived one of last summer's greatest hits, the infamous Shinyung Oh. Remember her? When she got shitcanned from a San Francisco law firm, she sent an email containing gems like:

"It is one thing to ignore an email sent as a colleague is waiting to have her uterus scraped after a miscarriage, but it is wholly another level of heartlessness to lay her off six days after that."

Read the whole thing, it's pretty ballsy. And as recently as today, she tells the world she still has no regrets.

How about you? Ever sent a farewell email you wish you hadn't, or have you always kept it together? How about your colleagues? Surely, in these days of mass corporate slaughter, you've seen as remarkable, or more. Spill the beans in the comments.