Did you see the giant blue and green lasers shooting into the sky near Coit Tower Monday night? They're scheduled to be back again Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and are brought to you by a company unsurprisingly named MegaLasers.

Between 8 pm and 11 pm Monday night, a giant mystery laser appeared above the San Francisco skyline, seeming to emanate from somewhere around Coit Tower. And as that laser lit up, Reddit also lit up with confused posts declaring “Massive laser in SF.” “Beacon from Telegraph Hill,” and “Light beam - anyone know what this is?” Yet lo and behold, most Reddit posters did not know what it was.

Some posted that they could see it as far away as the Outer Richmond.

Line of lights in the sky seen from Outer Richmond
byu/doublenostril insanfrancisco

Later in the evening, on Redditor partially cracked the case with a post called “Source of the laser!,” having found the U-Haul from which the lights beam was emanating.  That individual added, “For those wondering, police showed up, asked about it, snapped a few pics with the cruiser, and left haha.”

Source of the laser!
byu/AlwaysGettingHopOns insanfrancisco

But as seen below, someone going by the username MegaLaserDude eventually took responsibility, in a post entitled “Mega Laser In San Francisco.”

Mega Laser In San Francisco
byu/MegaLaserDude insanfrancisco

“It was my pleasure tonight to shoot one of the most powerful lasers in the US,” that user declared. “This is a 400watt architect Laser from Kvant. Brought her for the RSA conference by a Company called Tarsal.”

This information checks out. The RSA Conference is currently underway downtown. And SFGate tracked down MegaLaserDude, and found him to be the CEO of a company called MegaLasers, and you can imagine what the company is in the business of producing. The company grew out of a Burning Man art car called Mayan Warrior.

“We just got kind of obsessed with lasers,” MegaLasers CEO Barrett Lyon told SFGate. “And then the laser obsession turned into a business.” Lyon added that, “And then, you know, the business got bigger and our obsession with bigger lasers got worse.”

The laser is once again scheduled to be out on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 8 to 11 pm. And parenthetically, yes, they do have approval from the city and the FAA to be shining it.

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Image: MegaLaserDude via Reddit