As refined "commie, homo-loving sons-of-guns" approached last night's Oscars, here's what they were greeted with before arriving to the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. The folks from God Hates Fags ilk. Yep, they showed up in full regalia last night, coagulating at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Highland Ave. They even managed to garner a cocked eyebrow from Sean Penn during his acceptance speech.

According to reports, these mentally- and spiritually-challenged folks showed up to picket homosexuals, but also managed to get in digs at President Barack Obama and the economy. And seeing as how SFist has been so anti-prop 8 as of late, it's only fair to give the anti-gay marriage folk a turn.

But, like any good Hollywood-spun tale, a hero emerged in the form of two noble Marines who counterprotested the crazy-hate. Enjoy.