Walnut Creek police are investigating an armed robbery at a Chevron gas station Sunday night, (Oh hey, speaking of Walnut Creek, did any of you catch Prayers for Bobby this weekend? It aired on Lifetime. It was about a Walnut Creek mother, Mary Griffith, whose fundamentalist Christian beliefs eventually lead to the suicide of her gorgeous, young, homosexual son. And it was good. Really good. It did a seamless job of addressing the biblical roots of homophobia, showing how effective said roots are at pulverizing the spirits of young gay men and women. But this prompts a crisis of soul searching, leading to Griffith's enlightenment and redemption via queer advocacy. Also, Sigourney Weaver plays the mother and she's typically remarkable in every scene. While it's cliched to say, Weaver commands the screen whenever she appears. Probably because she kills aliens. Anyway, Prayers for Bobby will be replaying on Lifetime for the next month or so, and we recommend you checking it out.) No arrests were made.