FILM: Before Sean Penn tops James Franco on the big screen, check out the true story of former San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk in Rob Epstein's jarring and touching documentary (1984).

6:15 p.m., 8, 9:45 // Roxie Cinema (3117 - 16th Street) // $9.75

BIKES/TRANNIES: Because most bike mechanics are biologically-born males brimming with false bravado and condescension, check out tonight's "WTF Night" at the Bike Kitchen. Tonight's night is for women, trans/gender queer folks, femmes, gays, queen or "anybody else that has had gender be a barrier to learning mechanics."

6:30 P.M. - 9:30 p.m. // Bike Kitchen (1256 Mission)

MUSIC: Earl Greyhound, Portugal. The Man, and Wintersleep wake up the neighbors in SoMa tonight. They play rock et roll music. We're not sure if they're life-changing, or whatever, but both SFBG and SF Weekly seem to dig this lineup. So... have at it.

8 p..m // Slim's (333 - 11th Street) // $13-$15

The Times of Harvey Milk