OK, it's been back for awhile. But it's coming back in full force. See, Bay Area television station KOFY, it seems, is having a comprehensive rebranding of local TV20 (channel 13 on cable). From January 1995 until September 2006, the station was a WB affiliate, but now it's returning to the days of yore when local personalities and low-budget entertainment graced the station.

In a press release we received today, KOFY promises to "bring back giveaways, contests, and chances for viewers to appear on TV."

Recently fired Alice Radio host Brendan Moran (AKA "No Name") and Morris Knight of 98.1 KISS-FM will becoming regular staples on the station. (An aside: Moran should not appear on air while wearing sunglasses, like he did on the disastrous "Sarah & No Name Afterdark." Or whatever it was called.) Oops. Moran is this guy from TechTV.

But the best part is that they're bringing dogs back. Yes, KOFY was noted for showcasing locals' best friend, with adorable results. And they plan on bringing those canine segments back. Will this mean the return of James Gabbert's Dance Party. God, we can only hope.