While we wait for Eater to tell us just what San Francisco bar stands as the most body cavity-cleansing, check out theses glamor shots from the Second Annual Big Bad Blond Wig Bar Crawl.

What is the BBBWBC, you ask? Well, it's this large group of drunks sporting blond wigs, lots of pink, and tiny dogs in purses who "infiltrate the most notoriously douchebag-filled bars of The Marina." (Specifically, the watering holes around Union and Fillmore streets.)

This group survived leg humping, glaring from actual blond bitches, yuppies, and bad hip-hop hits. Since the only bars we concern ourselves with is Chaps II or the lobby at the St. Regis, we can't tell you which bars were targeted in this satirical-assault, but it sure looked exciting.

We can only hope furious Marina ilk counterattack with Mission bar crawl ASAP.