Well, at least he can officially turn off his cable and utilities in that San Francisco house now -- Ed Jew, complaining about being "picked on" and "set up," finally admitted what all of us knew all along and pled guilty to lying about living in Burlingame while representing the Sunset on the SF Board of Supervisors.

The terms of the deal that Ed worked out with the DA are that he'll probably serve a sentence concurrent to the more serious charges of graft that he also pled guilty to in federal court (probably around two to five years, but with a max of 30). Wow, at this rate, Ed can run for senate in Alaska now!

And, because the details in this case always just get better and better, the officials also revealed that when they raided the Burlingame house for evidence in the graft case (which triggered this whole thing), they found $10,000 wrapped in tin foil in his freezer. Stylin'!

YouTube clip of a Ed Jew supporter singing Borderline with Ed Jew-centric lyrics at a Board of Supes meeting. Definitely one of the finest moments in the Oh No, Ed Jew! story.