With Thanksgiving a little over a week away, and before we list the top restaurants for turkey dinners, remember that the SF Food Bank needs you help. With over 300 tons of food (!) moved through their warehouse every week, this fine local organization needs assistance sorting and packaging meals for distribution.

And it's so easy too! With no lengthy orientation or major time commitment, you'll be working in a well-organized project right on the day you come in. It's perfect for those of you who were just laid off -- you know, in between job searches. You can sign up to volunteer, right here.

But if you're busy, the SF Food Bank offers volunteer projects on weekdays, evenings and weekends to fir your schedule. And if you just can't make it, please to donate. It doesn't cost that much. See, every $1 donated lets the SF Food Bank "distribute $9 worth of nutritious food to more than 132,000 San Franciscans in need." (With their supply of dry goods down 15% from last year - e.g., such kitchen staples as canned goods and cereals - your support is needed now more than ever.) You can donate, right here.

Have any other charities that you want recommend to SFist readers? Let us know in the comments