Now that we've gotten all the childish bile out of our system, please check out these sites aiming to bring people together in the fight for gay marriage. These people deserve lavish praise and tons and tons of our attention if we're going to stop Prop. 8 from snowballing out of control.

  • Mormons for Marriage: A progressive LDS site that lets the world know that not all Mormons (LDS church members) oppose gay marriage. It also shares LDS church perspectives on both homosexuality and gay marriage with other Mormons who are meaningfully exploring the issues for the first time.
  • LDS 4 Gay Marriage: Discusses how same-sex marriage "is in no way contrary to the Constitution or official LDS doctrine (or the Bible)." Those of you who agree or disagree, legally, logically or doctrinally, are invited to share thoughts, questions and concerns.
  • Signing for Something: A grassroots effort of members and friends of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) "united in their desire to speak their conscience on the matter of civil marriage." Here you can write a letter or sign a petition that "assures us that no person or group’s religious views are allowed to be binding on the public."
  • Shame on LDS: A perturbed site full of reformed LDS members.
  • Seeking Forgiveness: Apologies from Mormons "who wish to find peace and reconciliation following the LDS Church's involvement in passing Proposition 8."

If you come across any other sites like the above, feel free to stick them in the comments. Thanks for your support.