Attorney General Jerry Brown will announce a major crackdown on street gangs today. Early this morning, agents presented more than 40 search warrants and 43 arrest warrants at Richmond locations -- e.g., One raid in the area of Eighth Street and Barrett Avenue in Richmond -- part of a gang enforcement operation.

SWAT teams also participated in the massive operation.

Last year there were 47 homicides and 350 shootings in the City of Richmond -- over half of them caused by members of the Deep C gang. The gang engages in "drug trafficking, robbery, assault and prostitution, and residential neighborhoods are often ground zero for some of the gang's most violent activity."

California Attorney General Jerry Brown, Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus, Contra Costa District Attorney Robert Kochly, and other various state and local law enforcement agencies are expected to make an announcement about the triumphant crackdown at Richmond Police Department at 2 p.m. this afternoon.