Photo by Kevin Berne
We saw “Quality of Life” at ACT the other night and can’t recommend it highly enough. The star-studded cast members each give exceptionally compelling performances. The play’s approach to contemporary themes involving belief, love, and death manages to make each perspective valid--- our head was reeling when we left the theater. Jane Anderson, a Bay Area native, wrote and directed the play. We caught up with her the other day, and the results are below. We love her take on what makes the Bay Area so innovative and unique. Buy tickets now and read on.

What is the Bay Area theater culture like?
You're talking to someone who lives in LA full time now. I'm nuts about San Francisco. It's like New York, but manageable. I find the diversity of the people just fascinating and wonderful. It's like a big giant Benetton catalogue. The neighborhoods blend. You get people of all colors all ages, all classes mingling together in one big soup, and I've really enjoy it. I was living on Sutter Street during the show. I loved that walk going to rehearsal, because I went through three different neighborhoods, it's a vital, beautiful city.

Where do you like to go after performances?
After the show to wind down, I like Wine Bar. It's in an alley next to Colonial. It's between Post and Sutter off of Taylor. It has the atmosphere of an elegant speakeasy. You go down these stairs, and it's like sitting in someone's living room with a bunch of hip people. The wine steward comes over to suggest a great glass of wine, and you unwind with actor and friends.