CLUB: In addition to the N-Judah celebrating its anniversary, another established and much more reliable SF institution is celebrating it's birthday: El Rio. Tonight the popular Outer Mission watering hole will have no cover charge, performances by Diamond Daggers Burlesque (playing everything from Busby Berkeley to Björk) and Mighty Slim Pickins (alt country/rockabilly), and free food from 8 to 10 p.m. It'll be a blast, folks. Don't believe us? See what the beautiful and brilliant writer Katy St. Clar has to say about tonight's festivities, right here.

8 p.m. // El Rio (3158 Mission) // free

FUNDRAISER: Valleywag's Owen Thomas is hosting and speaking at tonight's No on 8 (maybe you've heard of it?) fundraiser. You should come hear him, fans of the Internets! And the best part? It's over at House of Shields, not at some tacky venue like Badlands or the Cafe, mere blocks away from Marissa Mayer's and the delicious Sergey Brin's penthouses -- you know, in case someone wants to make a donation. Anyway, 20% of the bar tab during the event from 6 to 8 p.m will go to No on Prop. 8.

6 p.m. // House of Shields (39 New Montgomery) // donations accepted