With the Mervyns Heights district losing their eponymous resident, our friends at The Front Steps are wondering who will occupy their former space?

They recommend scooting Trader Joe's across Geary, pointing out how packed the small store and its parking lot are at nearly every hour of the day. We respectfully disagree, for as much as we adore the two-story Tanforan Target and its amazing cart-levitating escalator, dig if you will the picture of a two story Trader Joe's. People get aggro enough at folks who can't make up their mind in front of the salty snacks (true story: at the Masonic TJs we once saw an little old lady snap "you shouldn't eat any of them, fat boy!" at a man who was deliberating overlong between varietals of tortilla chip), imagine the frosted freakouts at the umpteenth asshole who jams up the works when he forgets to pull his case of Two Buck Chuck out of the lower cart rack! Bad news.

Who do you think should go in there? We'll kick it off: not to get all Art of War and shit, but there's something so satisfyingly piss on your grave* about the idea of Target (which, as Leanne pointed out , owned Mervyns until 2004, in a spin-off deal that Mervyns claims forced them into bankruptcy) moving in to that space once Mervyns crosses that rainbow bridge.

Sure, we're shuddering at the idea of the already prone to packedness 43 and 38 crammed full of folks toting Target loot (oh, wait, we forgot, people don't take the bus to do stuff like that), but it would be cool to get our Go International duds (shut up, we're wearing our 27 buck Go Rogan jeans RIGHT NOW and they look FANtastic) without leaving our fair City.

*technically, we guess that cute little Target dog would do the pissing.