On Saturday night, sitting front and center at the Duncan Sheik musical, , we couldn't help but draw comparisons between the show's plot and this year's most vital presidential election. The show has a haunting relevance to the issues that have been looping nonstop on CNN. More of the same vs. change we can believe in. Curmudgeonly adults vs. a hopeful, vibrant youth.

For us in San Francisco, the Spring Awakening tour offers a most attractive cast with stellar vocals that power through a thoughtful and exceptionally well-arranged pop score. And although we haven't been able to get the songs out of our heads since Saturday (kind of annoying, let's face it), our brains are still processing the message so boldly and passionately portrayed in the show.

Since tour productions are typically scaled-down, cheaper versions of the Broadway show, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cast. Standouts included Steffi D (Ilse) of Canadian Idol fame and Kyle Riabko (Melchior) from The N's Instant Star. We also have to acknowledge Andy Mientus (Hanschen) and Kimiko Glenn (Thea) who so boldly broke the fourth wall to admire our hot-ass red heels and to scowl at our plus one, respectively and in character. Impressive.

We highly recommend that you download the OBC album from iTunes and go see the show while it's here in SF. We also dare you to get rush tickets ($30) for onstage seating, dress in period clothing and jump around during "Totally Fucked" with the cast. That's our secret dream.

Playing at the Curran Theatre through October 12th.

P.S. The ticket price includes the flashing of one nipple and a bare ass.

Photo: "The Bitch of Living" with the National Touring Cast of Spring Awakening, Paul Kolnik

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