Chronicle Watch Watch, where we mock the Chronicle's award-winning efforts to improve our neighborhoods one step at a time, is finally back. Why have we returned to gently ribbing CW, you ask? Well, because of this.

See, someone wrote or called the Chron with a pressing issue about baby strollers on Muni. While we were giddy at the thought of the Chron working hard to help ban the cumbersome and space-gobbling baby stroller from public transit, this wasn't to be the case. Today's Chronicle Watch is just an article about why bus drivers demand you to take your little blessings out of the stroller and carry them during the ride. (According to SFMTA's gorgeous Judson True, "children [need to] be removed from strollers and the strollers folded up - for the safety of the children and for other passengers.") So, yeah.

While this doesn't seem like something broken in the neighborhood, at least it's not as bad as an article telling you how to explain to your kid about Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter. Oh wait, nevermind.